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Air Duct Decontamination from Mold

Air Duct Decontamination from Mold

Air Duct Decontamination from Mold

Mold in air ducts emerges when HVAC systems are not properly maintained, cleaned, and monitored. Molds also increase as a result of high humidity or water damage in buildings and homes. This poses serious threats amid the center for disease control and Prevention (CDC) insinuating that exposure to molds can invite serious disease symptoms. These symptoms include eye and skin irritation, nasal stiffness, and wheezing. Persons with chronic diseases are even exposed to the risk of developing mold infections in their breathing system. Apparently, the Institute of medicine discovered that there was enough evidence to ascertain that indoor exposure to mold could result in upper respiratory tract symptoms. According to the institution, these symptoms can even be worse for persons which immune deficiency and asthma diseases. There is also evidence that indoor mold exposure can instigate chronic illnesses in children.

Fortunately, studies have suggested that improved housing conditions can reduce the morbidity from respiratory and asthma-related allergies. In regard to this, from 1992 companies such as Lone Star Pro Services have embarked on providing specialized clean air solutions by providing air duct cleaning, decontamination, and antimicrobial duct coating. As a certified mold remediator service in Houston, Lone Star Pro Services has employed qualified technicians who remediate suspected mold in air ducts as well as in air conditioning systems. Noteworthy, it is the goal of every homeowner to improve the quality of his/ her indoor environment.

The process of air decontaminating comes with multi solutions. Professional air duct cleaners such as Lone Star Pro Services uses a professional system in a bid to utilize high-efficiency particulate in air collectors and inspection equipment all done to ensure efficiency. Video inspection systems and high-efficiency particulate collectors are also used in inspecting equipment in order to enhance efficiency. By using special vacuum cleaners, one can pull debris and dust from ductwork into a special self-contained container. To thoroughly remove dust from HVAC, most companies use advanced technology so that they can agitate debris and dust simultaneously.

There are several steps that ought to be followed during the process of air duct decontamination and mold removal. Mold inspection and testing is the first step and it involves doing a comprehensive mold testing processing order to uncover both visible and hidden mold growth in areas such as floors, walls, cooling, and heating equipment, basements, crawl spaces, and attics among other areas. Hygrometer humidity meter, fiber meter, and moisture meters are also used in uncovering the hard to discover mold infestations. Mold eating enzyme treatment is the second air duct decontamination step. It involves the use of aerosol and low-cost fogging machines in fogging an entire building or house with a disinfectant solution. This solution can prevent and neutralize bacteria and mold growth in commercial and homes buildings.

Vacuuming and HEPA air scrubbing is also important in air duct cleaning. It is applied after the completion of mold enzyme treatment. This process is run using one or more HEPA industrial air scrubbers which can be contained in the mold work areas to establish the negative air pressure. One or more HEPA vacuum wall cleaners can be employed in this process in order to effectively clean floors and vacuum walls vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Physical mold removal is done while operating a HEPA air scrubber inside a mold work area. Consequently, visible mold growth removal is done by discarding materials such as curtains, moldy drywall, and carpets. Wood timbers manifested by mold can be cleaned using power grinders with the wire brush attachment, power planer, power sander, sanding blocks, and hand-held wire brushes.

Having orchestrated the above air duct cleaning processes, it is essential to safely wrap dispose of moldy materials in areas where they cannot be able to contaminate other buildings or homes. Fosters are with mold resistant and antimicrobial products should be used to coat the wooden surface. These surfaces should be effectively formulated to hinder the spread of odor and mold causing bacteria in wooden surfaces such as ceilings and interior and exterior surfaces. If after cleaning there are still mold challenges inside a building, then there is a likelihood that ventilating, heating and air conditioning ducts are contaminated with high levels of mold spores. At this stage, the following procedure can be recommended: first, hiring a professional or Lone Star Pro Services experienced company such as to conduct a thorough cleaning process. Also, having conducted the duct cleaning process, a treatment procedure in a bid to restore the air duct in an entire building should be done. This can be done using a fogging machine, with the help of a disinfectant solution.

Black mold is commonly very deadly and toxic. Hence, there are several facts that one should have to deal with it. Importantly, one should be aware of the dangerous fungus contained in the black mold in order to be able to eliminate it accordingly. According to the CDC, symptoms associated with black mold can be very severe. Someone exposed to black mold exposure can within a short time span suffer breathing problems, headaches, memory loss, asthma, dizziness, infertility, and urinary tract infection. It is also believed that black mold causes more than one hundred respiratory disorders including respiratory bleeding. There are several products that can be used in eliminating this toxic substance. The most common one is the use of specific bleach paints which reduce the dominance of fungi. In addition to this, mold removal products such as dehumidifiers can be used to control humidity since humidity attracts dangerous fungus referred to as Stachybotrys chart arum.

Finally, if the problem of the mold is severe to a level that a dehumidifier is not enough, it is recommended that professional service should be sought from experienced operatives. It might be expensive to hire a professional, however, it is an essential step towards protecting one’s family from severe health problems. Ignoring mold growth in homes can invite severe health complications, hence it is worth to use a few dollars in order to secure one’s family from health dangers.