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There are thousands of different species of mold, many of which can be found growing in many areas throughout your home. However, black mold is the one you have to truly be worried about—it’s one of the most common, and it’s toxic to pets and humans. That means even small amounts of black mold can cause some serious health problems.

If you discover an infestation, it’s important that you leave your home for a little while so you aren’t continuing to breathe in the spores, and stay away until professional black mold remediation is completed.

The highly-trained experts at Lone Star Pro Services are equipped with the tools and experience to handle black mold infestations quickly and thoroughly. We’re meticulous in our methods to ensure we take care of every last little bit of black mold, cleaning and removing it safely and securely so you can breathe easy knowing these toxic spores aren’t being distributed into the air.

Whether it’s a mold infestation in your home or even throughout the air ducts in your business, we make it a point of coming to you, working quickly and safely, and getting rid of the problem for good. We care about you and your air quality, and that’s why we offer reliable black mold remediation in Houston and nearby communities, along with customer service that’s held to the highest standards.

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Why Black Mold Grows in Your Home

Black mold is similar to any other type of mold in that it requires three basic things to live: a source of food (usually found in the form of a carbon-based material like wood or drywall), a source of moisture (such as damp or wet areas of your home), and protection from harmful radiation from the sun.

This is what makes your air ducts such a prime space for mold growth—it’s not uncommon for carbon-based material to be present, they’re usually dark and completely protected from the sun, and condensation from cold air passing through provides a steady stream of moisture.

You may require black mold remediation in Houston if:

  • There is a musty smell in the air throughout your home
  • You have recently experienced a flooding incident
  • You have a high amount of indoor humidity

Do I Have Black Mold?

With so many different types of mold, it’s often difficult to determine if you have a black mold problem. In many cases, some types of mold often exhibit similar effects on your home. It’s also not uncommon for multiple different types of mold to grow in the same place at the same time. If you detect the smell of mold or you start experiencing symptoms related to mold, it’s important to contact a professional for comprehensive black mold remediation in Houston, TX, or the surrounding areas.

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