5 Things You Should Know About Your Cleaning Company


If you are not pleased with your cleaning company, or if you are a first-time customer, it is always helpful to have your questions prepared ahead. This is a good way to determine which cleaning service is right for you. Here are some basic suggestions:

1. How Long Has the Cleaning Company Been Around?

Not to say that new cleaning services aren’t capable of quality work, but there is comfort in choosing a longstanding business. A cleaning company that has stood the test of time demonstrates a few key factors. If the prices were too high, or the quality of work poor, the business probably would have folded.

A shift in leadership can also be problematic. Sometimes everything can be going well for a while, but then the business is transferred or sold. The new proprietors may change the way things are done, and not necessarily for the better. If a cleaning business has been around for years and maintained success, that is the mark of efficient procedures, solid ethics, and top-notch customer service.

2. Will the Same Cleaners Continue Servicing My Location?

Knowing what to expect from a business is very important. Even if the crew is punctual every time, but different employees always show up, it is harder to maintain a smooth process.

A company that sends a dedicated cleaning crew to the same location every time will be familiar with the layout and always arrive focused and ready to roll.

In addition, it is ideal to build a relationship with people who provide services for your business regularly. It is easier to get to know people when the same crew arrives on a schedule.

3. What Kind of Green Cleaning Methods Does the Cleaner Use?

There are some distinct disadvantages to using older cleaning products:

  • Intense odors can be irritating when inhaled
  • Some solutions take longer to dry
  • Older cleaning solutions may be harmful to kids and pets

Fresh, eco-friendly agents have a less intrusive scent, dry quickly and are free of harsh chemicals.

4. What Sort of Quality Control Checks Are in Place?

It is important that your cleaning crew adhere to good quality control standard. This means a lot more than a quick once over at the end. Kitchen cleaning cloths need to be separate from those used in the bathroom, is a prime example. Cleaning crews move along very quickly and it very easy to accidentally wipe down a counter with equipment that was just inside a toilet.

5. Staffing and Background Checks

Just like the last suggestion, some things may appear to be obvious, but they are not always a given.

Inquire about types of employee training and if the business requires background checks before hiring. Cleaners are being trusted in your home or business, and this piece of information may be the decision maker.

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