The Best Way to Clean Your Hardwood Floors


Wood floors give a home a warm, timeless beauty. The earthy look is very durable and with the proper care, can serve you well for many years. But quality wood flooring often requires a hefty investment. Simultaneously, hardwood floors take quite a beating. They get walked on, kids run across them, pets track mud and dirt, and we still want our floors to sparkle like they did on day one. There are a few things you can do to keep hardwood floors looking their best.

  • Dust Wood Flooring
    With either a broom or a high-powered vacuum, remove all surface dust, dirt, and debris that has accumulated on your hardwood floors. If you use a vacuum cleaner do not use one with a beater bar attachment, it could possibly damage your floor. Choose floor brush attachment instead. A good rule of thumb is to dust wood floors at least once a week, depending on the amount of foot traffic
  • Use a Liquid Floor Cleaner
    Dusting alone won’t remove all the layers of build up on your wood floors. To restore the shine, you must do a deep cleaning now and again. All you need to clean your hardwood floors effectively is a bucket of warm water (10 parts) and some white vinegar (one part)
  • Clean Hardwood Floors — The Old-Fashioned Way
    It is very easy to maintain your prized wood flooring. After a good sweeping, run the vacuum over your wood floors without using the beater bar. This extra step will eliminate hidden dirt and grime that may be embedded between the floorboards. Do not use a steam mop or a conventional wet mop, because the excessive moisture can dull the surface over time. If you find that your wood floors have lost their luster, try using a hardwood floor cleaner. Ask the professional who installed the flooring to recommend the best cleaning solutions.
  • Cover Scratches
    Covering any scratches after removing dirt and debris is part of the whole process. Find a crayon that matches the color of your hardwood floor and use it to fill in the scratch. If you can’t find the right crayon color visit a nearby hardware store and ask the flooring expert for help finding a wood crayon filler for flooring repair. Remember to bring a sample or photo of your hardwood floors for a precise color match. After the scratch is filled with the crayon, use the high heat of a blow dryer to set the restoration. Finally, use a soft cloth to buff the treated area
  • Preventative Protection
    Placemats in high traffic areas, like outside doorways to limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked in the house. Place protective pads beneath furniture to avoid scratches and scuffs. Also, use area rugs and floor runners in living rooms and hallways
    By being proactive and using these simple steps, you can keep your hardwood floors functioning well and shining beautifully for decades.
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