How to Automate Your HVAC System


Do you leave your thermostat running at the same temperature around the clock? If you wait until you are home to manually adjust the settings, you are wasting fuel dollars heating and cooling an empty house.

Thermostat Automation

Your HVAC system eats up more energy than any other unit in your home. By automating the setup or by using a smart home system you can save more money. All you must do is add an automated thermostat that includes programmable smart options. This will allow you to control the operations in your home easily, whether you are sitting in the living room, at the office or traveling across the country.

Why Automate?

More and more homeowners are choosing digital thermostats to replace their old thermostats. The technology is more accurate and reliable and provides:

  • Adjust Settings Remotely: Smart add-ons allow changes to be made from any location through your Wi-Fi connection
  • Easier Setup: Smart thermostat learn from your behavior, they adjust to you making set up easy.
  • Greater Precision: Digital readings are within 1°F of the actual temperature for improved performance
  • Maintenance Assistance: Modern smart systems save energy, enhance comfort and remind you when to clean air ducts, change filters and when it is time to service the furnace.
  • Many Programming Options: You can select minimal settings while you are away and have the system automatically adjust just prior to your return for maximum savings and comfort
  • Savings and Comfort: Your energy consumption is tracked in real-time, monitoring the effectiveness of your system which can lower your monthly utility bills while keeping your home comfortable.

How to Automate Your HVAC System

Research thermostat options by comparing features. Determine which model is most compatible with your current home systems and note what features are most interesting and useful to you. If you are unsure or undecided, consult with an HVAC professional. Although smart thermostats come with a higher cost they are far easier to program and operate.

Properly Locate Your Thermostat

Where you place your thermostat can interfere with the performance. This is especially true if it is in an isolated area or in direct sunlight. Keep in away from heating or cooling vents, bathrooms, ovens and exterior doors.

Have it Installed by a Professional

Be sure your automated system performs properly by having it installed by a trained professional. Any type of electrical or HVAC work is best left to the pros to prevent system and home damage and to ensure proper function.

Use Your Thermostat

To get the most out of your automated thermostat you must use the features. Program it so it can learn from your behavior and collect the date. This way the system can take over and do most of the work for you.

Watch for Maintenance Alerts

Pay attention to the maintenance alters and take care of your HVAC system. Change your filter and have your air ducts cleaned when prompted. What out for any and all alerts from your new thermostat to keep your system in tip-top shape.

If all this smart technology has your head spinning, or if you are confused about all the programmable features, contact the experienced technicians at Lone Star Pro Services in Houston, TX.

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