Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer


The summer months are coming fast and soon the temperatures will be soaring. Homeowners will be lowering the thermostats of their central air units on the first hot day, seeking cool relief. During this time of year, the last thing anyone wants to discover is that the central air unit is not working properly. But without regular A/C maintenance, you may be setting yourself up for a few hot days and a hefty energy and repair bills.

Energy Saving Tip

Throughout the winter, homes are shut down and closed from the cold. This allows debris to collect inside the air ducts and recirculate inside the home. All this buildup is responsible for higher energy costs and less efficient cooling capabilities. Professional air duct cleaning for the summer months will get your home ready for the heat by boosting cooling efficiency and lowering energy costs. A/C maintenance will also extend the life of your system.

Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

In the winter, most homes circulate very little air, inside and outside. Therefore, the same air is recycled around the house for months. Dirt, dust, other allergens and debris get sucked into the air ducts and redistributed into the air. These potentially harmful particles that pollute the indoor air, can cause a host of health problems. After prolonged exposure, medical concerns such as respiratory issues and allergies can develop. Professional A/C maintenance will eliminate air duct build up so your central air unit can provide cleaner air.

Air Duct Cleaning for Summer Months

Get your home ready for the summer heat by making sure your air ducts are clean and your central air unit is in tip-top shape. Built up dust and debris in the home and in the air ducts can cause problems in your central air unit and your air quality, and it can raise energy costs. Have you scheduled your appointment to have your system professionally cleaned this summer? If not, book one today with Lone Star Pro Services!

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