Carpet Cleaning Myths

By maintaining the beauty of your carpet, regular professional cleaning does the job. Many homeowners, however, are reluctant to get their carpets cleaned because of concerns and misconceptions about carpet cleaning. In the following article, we will discuss only a few carpet cleaning myths that may encourage you to get your carpet cleaned professionally, and more often.

Will my carpets take days to dry after professional cleaning?

After a professional cleaning, carpets will not take days to dry. And experience carpet cleaning professional is only using machinery that won’t over wet your carpets. Meaning that they should be already dry within a couple hours of the initial cleaning. This method is still prevalent today as there are many companies that operate under-powered equipment.

Will my carpets re-soil quicker after they’re cleaned?

If you’re cleaning a carpet using only the correct equipment, chemicals, and processes, this is not the case. Carpets only re-soil more quickly if the cleaning chemicals are used appropriately for the specific fibers and stains that they treated. Also If the cleaning chemicals have not been fully extracted from the carpet, this can leave behind a sticky residue and attract dirt.

You can’t wet-clean wool carpets

Wool carpets are typically more susceptible to problems that may not affect other common carpet materials. However, if cleaned correctly, these risks are negated. Wool carpets are cleaned using only certain temperatures, chemicals, and cleaning procedures. Another thing to keep in mind to facilitate drying times is by using a powerful extraction machine and the possible use of turbo dryers.

Where can I find the right folks to clean my carpets well?

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