How to Steam Clean Tile and Grout - Chemical Free

If you’re planning to update a room, it’s not complete until it’s gone through a deep cleaning. This is especially true for bathrooms. They need to be fully cleaned and sanitized in order to feel like new. Tile and grout in bathrooms can especially look really sad after a while. Chemical-free tile and grout cleaning and restoration can be done using a steamer.

Tile and grout cleaning in Houston can be done with a steam cleaner. It will clean super easily and will also disinfect. Bacteria doesn’t stand a chance against high-temperature, high-pressure steam after all.

  • Prep the steam cleaning machine by putting in water and setting it to on. This will allow the pressure to begin building up. While waiting, you can scrub down mirrors or wipe up easy to clean messes.
  • After the steam is hot, begin using the nozzle. It will shoot a stream of high-pressure steam. Grime and dirt won’t stand a chance! Clean tile and grout using this nozzle.
  • For harder to clean stains, you can use the popular nylon brush for scrubbing. A wire brush is also available, but you want to avoid this as this can damage grout. The nylon brush is good enough for cleaning up the difficult, hard-to-remove stains.
  • After the grout and different areas of the bathroom are cleaned, you can focus on the tile. Use the larger cleaning brush so you can scrub down that tile. It’s labor-intensive work, but your bathroom will thank you for it after.
  • When you’re ready to finish and clean the whole floor, just pop on the chenille mop pad so you can wipe down all of the bathrooms. Make sure you get behind the toilet and in the shower as well!

Tile and grout cleaning in Houston doesn’t have to be an impossible task that takes you all day. Once you’ve mastered the steam cleaner, you can have it done in no time and leave your bathroom feeling like it’s brand new all over again. It only takes about 30 minutes and you’ll be super satisfied with the results.