Top 10 Myths About Professional Carpet Cleaning...

You may have heard some of the myths about professional carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX. These preconceived notions may have dissuaded you from getting your carpets the proper attention they need. In this business, the inexperienced and uninformed could be responsible for all the untruths, or it could have been the result of poor service. Regardless, lots of consumers have developed a distrust of carpet cleaners. To extend the life of your carpet it requires lots of care and proper maintenance. Therefore, it is time to forget the myths about carpet cleaning and schedule your professional maintenance service

10 Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals!

  • Carpet Cleaning Makes Them Dirtier: The only way this can happen is if your carpets are not cleaned properly. If you hire the experienced professionals at Lone Star Pro Services, that won’t ever happen to your carpet. On the contrary, your carpet will remain cleaner longer. We use cleaning agents that rinse away dirt and debris without leaving any residue.
  • Too Much Vacuuming Damages the Carpet: Today’s carpets are created to withstand the ravages of vacuuming, However, some vacuums have too much force for daily use. The best approach is to vacuum once a week, more if needed. Lone Star Pro Services can handle your carpet with care using state-of-the-art equipment that removes more than 90 percent of soil, even in high traffic areas and busy businesses.
  • My Carpet Looks Clean and Doesn’t Require Cleaning: It is hard to know exactly how soiled your carpet really is, they tend to camouflage a lot of dirt. Left uncleaned, it can diminish fiber protection, color, and eventually look worn.
  • It Is Not Necessary to Hire Professionals: The equipment used by the pros has more suction power than home carpet cleaning machines. Professional tools and agents are more efficient in lifting dirt and removing stains. Lone Star in Houston, TX uses the latest carpet cleaning devices for the cleanest carpet possible.
  • I Don’t Have Lots of Money to Pay Professionals: Always remember, you get what you paid for, and the same holds true with carpet maintenance. If you want excellent service, you must be prepared to pay a fair price.
  • I Can Clean My Carpets Using Stain Removals: Most stain and spot removers are loaded with a harsh chemical that can break down fibers and damage your carpet.
  • Deodorizers Can Clean My Carpets: Powder-based carpet deodorizers are comprised mainly of talc, which is not water soluble. With repeated use, talcum power accumulates in your carpet fibers. This can cause a host of problems for professional carpet cleaners. The residual powder causes white stains during the drying process that are impossible to remove.
  • Carpets Trigger Off Allergies: This isn’t entirely accurate. Many factors such as pet dander, mold and dust can trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitivities. If you are anyone in your household suffers from environmental or household allergies, this is yet another reason to ensure your carpet is properly maintained.