3 Reasons to Have a Professional Upholstery Cleaning

We always clean the floors in our homes and dust the shelves, but for some reason, the upholstery tends to get overlooked. Household carpets may cover a lot more space, but you probably spend much more time lounging on your favorite recliner or sprawled out on the couch in front of the TV. Floors get walked on, but upholstery is a part of everyday life. It gets lived in, used and abused.

Why Upholstery Cleaning is Important

So, like everything else of value in the home, upholstery should be cared for properly. There are three specific reasons why your upholstery should be cleaned regularly:

  • Keeps Your Furniture Looking Clean: It is okay if your favorite pieces of furniture are well broken in, but it is not so great if they look the part. If you keep your upholstery looking nice, you will want to protect it and keep it for the long haul. Having a professional upholstery cleaning done routinely will help you maintain a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing home.
  • Keep Your Family Healthy: There is no better reason to clean upholstery than to maintain yours and your family’s health. Hidden pollutants and allergens linger on and deep within the crevices of your lived-on furniture. Without periodic cleanings, your comfy recliner will be a place where dust mites congregate and pollute your living environment. This can reap havoc on your health, particularly for folks with respiratory conditions, like asthma.
  • Improve Your Home’s Air Quality: Unbeknownst to most, furniture upholstery services as a gigantic air filter in the home. The soft service collects dust and allergens that end up circulating in the indoor air you breathe. Scheduled professional cleanings will eliminate harmful mold, dust, and other household allergens and keep your home fresh and clean. Getting your upholstery cleaned is much like changing the filters on your AC.