Lone Star Pro Services: Here for You During Hurricane Harvey Relief

Town flooded

This past week, Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey, causing widespread damage and flooding. Many homeowners around the Houston area found their homes underwater, and Lone Star Pro Services is here to help! We offer 24/7 water damage restoration in the Houston area and are dedicated to helping our community during this time. Was your home affected by Hurricane Harvey flooding? Contact us today!

During a hurricane, significantly contaminated water from seawater, rivers and even sewers is dispersed. This water can contain toxins, parasites, viruses, and even infectious bacteria. Not only can this water be hazardous for humans, but it can also damage your home. Left untreated, moisture from flooding can seep into the structure of your home, resulting in mildew, mold and fungal growth. Mold, mildew, and fungus have been shown to cause respiratory problems and other conditions which can be damaging to your health.

Make sure that your home and family are safe by contacting Lone Star Pro Services in Houston today! We’d be happy to come out to assess your water damage.

What Can I Expect?

  • Inspection/Water Damage Assessment – Your home will be carefully inspected to assess the extent of water damage done to your home. Based on our findings we will create a plan of action to restore the damage.

  • Water Extraction – Using powerful pumps and water extractors we will remove any signs of water.

  • Structural Drying – Once water has been completely removed from your home, we will use exhaust fans and blowers to remove remaining moisture and dry your home. Dehumidifiers will also be used to prevent excess humidity and mold growth.

  • Sanitizing/Cleaning – Any restorable items will be cleaned and sanitized. Antimicrobial treatments, industrial air scrubbers, and fogging equipment will be used to sanitize your home and remove mildew odors.

  • Restoration – Depending upon the extent of water damage, your home will be restored. In certain cases, we may only need to replace a few drywall panels. In more extreme cases, major reconstruction may be required. This will be discussed after your home’s inspection and water damage assessment.

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