Carpets: Repair or Replace?

When you have carpet flooring, accidents sometimes happen. Stains, bunching, rips, and everyday wear can catch up to your carpeting over time. But what carpet problems can be fixed, and what can’t? Here are a few tips about when to repair or replace your carpet.

Carpet Repair

Certain carpet disasters can be fixed without needing to replace the carpet. Carpet stains, for example, can usually be removed with store-bought stain removers, although you might need to call a professional for hard-to-scrub stains. Lone Star Pro Services offers carpet cleaning services in case you’re having a hard time getting them out on your own.

Carpet bunching or ripples are more problems that can be fixed through carpet stretching, although you should definitely call a professional to do it. Our team of experts can stretch out your carpet, trimming off the excess to make it look brand new.

Carpet Replacement

If you have a carpet mishap that can’t be fixed, replacing it might be your only option. It could be a large stain that can’t be scrubbed out, rips and tears, or just wear that occurs over time, but when it’s time for new carpet, be sure to trust the professionals.

Installing carpet yourself could lead to ripples or bunching that would cause your carpet to look uneven, which would require carpet maintenance before too long. It’s better to invest in carpet installation services to get the job done right.

For all of your carpet repair or installation needs, Lone Star Pro Services is here to help. Our trained carpet specialists know exactly how to work with your carpet to get the best results. For a free estimate, give us a call at (832) 990-9499 today!