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Your plumbing plays a vital role in not only bringing water to where you need it, but to carry wastewater and liquid waste away to your septic or sewer system. Drain and sewer lines run throughout your home, and are tasked with safely and effectively containing this waste and carrying it away so it can’t impact your health, but they can only do that so long as they are in good repair. 

If something happens to these lines, or if a sewer main experiences a serious problem, your home may sustain damage from exposure to raw sewage. This creates a huge health hazard that needs to be addressed quickly and properly so you can go back to living your life in stress-free safety. When disaster strikes, the pros at Lone Star Home Services understand that you need help, and fast. We take pride in being the name you turn to in an emergency, as it shows our long history and reputation of being a name that can be trusted to do the job right. 

We are available at any time, 24/7, because we know emergencies and disasters can happen at virtually any time. And when one does, we come to you with modern tools, effective and safe materials, and the supplies we need to get to work straight away. Restoration requires fast action, and our friendly staff members are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. We also offer upfront and honest pricing so you know what the final bill will be before we ever get started, and we even work with all home insurance companies to make getting the service you need easier than you ever thought before.

Stressing about a sewage spill? Make the call to the team at Lone Star Pro Services! Dial (832) 990-9499 today and we’ll come to you to start your cleanup job. We are also available online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewage Cleanup in Houston

How do I recognize a sewage leak in my home?

Recognizing a sewage leak in your Houston home is crucial to prevent serious damage. Here's how to spot it:

  • Foul Odors: Sewage has a distinct, unpleasant smell. If you notice strong, sewer-like odors inside or outside your home, it could indicate a leak.
  • Slow Drains: If your sinks, toilets, or bathtub drains are slow to empty or gurgle when you flush or use water, it might mean there's a blockage caused by a sewage leak.
  • Unexplained Wet Spots: Keep an eye out for wet spots or puddles in your yard, particularly if they're near sewer lines. Sewage leaks can cause water to surface above ground.
  • Mold or Mildew: Excess moisture from a sewage leak can lead to mold or mildew growth on walls, ceilings, or floors, especially in humid Houston.
  • Spike in Water Bills: A sudden increase in your water bill without an apparent cause could indicate a hidden leak, including a sewage leak.

If you suspect a sewage leak, it's crucial to act quickly. Contact a professional sewage cleanup service in Houston to assess the situation and prevent further damage to your home and health.

Can I deal with a sewage leak in Houston on my own?

Dealing with a sewage leak on your own in Houston can be risky and messy. Here's why:

  • Health Risks: Sewage contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can make you sick if you're exposed. Without proper protective gear and cleaning methods, you could put your health at risk.
  • Damage Control: Sewage leaks can cause significant damage to your home's structure, flooring, and belongings. Without the right tools and expertise, you might not be able to properly clean and repair the affected areas, leading to long-term problems like mold growth and structural damage.
  • Legal Requirements: In Houston, there are specific regulations and guidelines for handling sewage leaks and cleanup. Attempting to tackle it on your own without following these regulations could result in fines or penalties.

It's best to leave sewage cleanup to the professionals. A professional sewage cleanup service in Houston has the training, experience, and equipment to safely and effectively handle sewage leaks, protecting your health and property. Plus, they can ensure that the cleanup is done in compliance with local regulations, giving you peace of mind.

Is it safe to stay in a home with a sewage leak?

Living in a Houston home with a sewage leak isn't safe for many reasons. Firstly, sewage contains harmful bacteria and viruses that can make you sick if you're exposed. Breathing in sewage fumes or coming into contact with contaminated water can lead to illnesses such as gastroenteritis, skin infections, and respiratory problems. Additionally, sewage leaks can create a damp environment, promoting mold growth. Mold spores can worsen respiratory issues and cause allergic reactions, especially in Houston's humid climate.

Furthermore, sewage leaks can damage your home's structure, weakening the foundation, walls, and floors, which can pose safety risks. The foul odors produced by sewage leaks can also permeate your home, affecting your comfort and well-being. If you suspect a sewage leak, it's essential to evacuate the premises immediately and contact a professional sewage cleanup service to assess and address the issue promptly. Your health and safety should always be the top priority. 

Do you think you have a sewage leak in Houston? Make the call to the team at Lone Star Pro Services! Dial (832) 990-9499 today and we’ll come to you to start your cleanup job. We are also available online.


The True Dangers of Raw Sewage Exposure

Raw sewage is one of those things that needs very little explanation as to why it’s such a huge problem. It smells bad, it makes most people gag at even just the sight of it, and you can tell almost immediately that it could have some serious health repercussions if you’re around it for too long. However, what most people don’t realize is that raw sewage can really mess up some of your home’s surfaces and potentially contaminate them permanently. Raw sewage can seep into porous surfaces, become imbued into fabrics, and even become permanently trapped in the grain of wood. Not only does this mean you’ll have to continue to live with unsightly stains and odors, but the potential health threat doesn’t go away either.

At Lone Star Pro Services, we know how to deal with sewage exposure properly. We make it a point to not only effectively and safely remove and dispose of any spilled sewage, but we thoroughly wash and disinfect every surface that your spill came in contact with. This prevents exposure to any of the serious health problems that can come from sewage spills and allows your restoration project to continue in earnest. Our water damage restoration crews are equipped with the proper protective materials that keep them safe while working with potentially toxic sewage spills, so we aren’t afraid to be the ones who dig in and handle the issue for good.

Once your sewage spill is cleaned up and the source of the spill is mitigated, we set to work restoring your home to the way it once was. Unfortunately, in many cases this means you may have to replace significant parts of your home. For example, sewage will usually ruin flooring or drywall permanently, but these things can be replaced after cleanup is finished. We also take things that can be removed and cleaned and carefully but effectively scrub and disinfect them to restore their condition to the best of our ability. You may never forget your sewage incident, but we want to eliminate any traces that it ever happened.

If your home has been damaged by raw sewage, make the right choice and contact Lone Star Pro Services for help!


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