Is Condenser Coil Cleaning Really That Important?

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Is Condenser Coil Cleaning That Important?

Your air conditioner is a complex machine made of up several key parts to keep you cool. But when just one part isn’t working at capacity, it can drag down your entire system.

This is why HVAC technicians place so much emphasis on cleaning and maintaining your AC unit, especially when it comes to the condenser unit. The condenser is one of the most critical components of your system, as it removes the hot air from your home, releases it outside, and will have a major impact on your AC unit’s efficiency and performance.

The Importance of Condenser Coil Cleaning

Good airflow is critical to this process!

And, since your condensing unit is outdoors, it’s exposed to a variety of elements that could impact its performance. Dirt and debris can enter the condenser and settle on the coils. Over time, this buildup affects your condenser coil’s performance, making it harder to transfer heat.

As a result, the unit must work harder to do the same job, which usually results in a higher energy bill. Houston summers are hot, so your AC is already running constantly and running up your cooling costs. A dirty condenser coil only adds to the process, essentially forcing you to pay more for a unit that is doing the same or less work.

Also, the extra work will create more wear and tear on your unit. This could shorten the lifespan of your AC system and force you to pay for costly repairs or replacement if you forgo routine maintenance.

What Can You Do to Maintain Your AC’s, Condenser Coil?

Though you might not give much thought to your condenser coil (out of sight, out of mind), overlooked maintenance like AC upkeep could end up costing you big in the long term.

For starters, make sure you keep the area around your outdoor AC unit free of debris and clutter. Trim back hedges and trees by at least two feet to prevent debris from clogging your system. Inspect the area after storms to remove any debris that may have blown in.

Also, schedule routine condenser coil cleaning each year, better twice a year to keep your system in good working condition. In Houston, we rely on our air conditioners for months at a time, so it’s important to have your unit professionally inspected each year to avoid costly problems down the road.

Is it time to clean your condenser coils? Reach out to Lone Star Pro Services today to schedule your AC unit checkup and keep your cool all summer long!

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