How to Clean Hardwood Floors the Right Way


In order to keep your hardwood floors clean and safe from damage, it is important that you find hardwood flooring cleaning products and tools that will best maintain the longevity of your beautiful wood flooring. In the following article we will discuss how to clean hardwood floors the right way, efficiently, and with your pocketbook in mind.

What type of finish do you have?

In order to clean your hardwood floors correctly, it is important to know the type of finish you have on the floor. The finish of your wood flooring will determine the type of cleaner necessary to sanitize and maintain the look of your wood.

Surface Sealed Flooring

For this kind of flooring, the surface sealant typically sits on top of the wood in order to prevent water or stain absorption. This type of flooring is the easiest to maintain and clean.

Penetrating Oil Treated Floors

Oiled finishes typically soak into the wood and harden themselves. This type of oil treatment essentially becomes an integral part of the wood. These kinds of floors require a very special kind of maintenance, as they should be protected with a liquid or paste wax. A special cleaner is recommended.

The Best Products and Cleaning Method for Your Floors

Try not to rely on water or a water and vinegar solution on its own. This kind of solvent will not fight dirt build-up, meaning your floors will begin to look dingy over time. Vinegar and water is much less effective than soap and water, and it is also important to remember that vinegar has the potential to dull floors quickly.

What if You Don’t Want to Do it Yourself?

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