Your Guide to Houston Cleaning


Houston cleaning—it’s the time of year where thousands to millions of people take the time to completely clean the home from top to bottom, making sure to pay special attention to the areas that are normally neglected with during regular upkeep—such as small, hard to reach places like under the couch, and even quite forgotten areas like the attic.

Reasons for Houston Cleaning

Many people ask why most choose the spring season of all times of the year to clean their entire home with so much attention to detail. Well, for one, many people associate the spring season with “freshness” and “revitalization,” and therefore want their homes to reflect that. The spring season is also seen as the best time to deep clean the home because it allows you to reorganize and put away things leftover from the winter season, such as jackets and sweaters, and lingering clutter from the holidays. Are you ready to get started with spring cleaning too? Here are a few spring cleaning tips:

1. Create a Checklist

The best way to make sure that no part of your home is forgotten when it comes to cleaning is to make a checklist of all the areas that need attention. Make a list of all of the rooms in the home, and organize your time to tackle each room throughout the week—perhaps a new room each day. That way, you don’t feel burnt out from cleaning all the time—and you feel more accomplished each day when one more room in your home is spotless!

2. Get Organized

Invest in a few boxes that will help you separate the things you need to keep from the clutter. The best way to do this is to establish 3 piles: keep, donate, toss. By organizing clutter this way, you can easily sort through your belongings in no time!

3. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Since spring cleaning usually involves cleaning even the smallest places, it’s important that you remember to get to all of them. Commonly forgotten areas include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Cabinets/drawers/shelves
  • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Windows
  • Doorframes/sliding door tracks
  • Walls
  • Baseboards
  • Underneath furniture/appliances

4. Don’t Forget the Big Things

With so much attention we give to the little things, we may often find ourselves actually forgetting the big things, and that’s where our Lone Star Pro Services technicians come in. If you need help with upholstery, carpet, tile and grout, air duct, or even dryer vent cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to book one or more of our services!

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