How to Prepare Your Home & Garden for Winter


With the colder weather rolling in, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning out the garden for winter. If you’re new to gardening, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you prepare your garden for the colder months.

Cleaning Garden Schedule

Your timing will depend on what plants you have in your garden. If you have vegetables, pull them as soon as they’re finished producing fruit – except for late-harvest vegetables, which can tolerate the cold weather. Dig up any plants that can’t survive the frost and cut any perennials that have stopped blooming.

Pruning Practices when Cleaning Up the Garden

Although you might be tempted to tidy up your plants for winter, pruning encourages fresh growth and should be avoided until the weather warms up. Most plants can be pruned in the early spring, but be sure you don’t cut your flowering plants until after they’ve already bloomed.

What to Do with Infected Plants

Don’t compost infected plants, as this will just re-introduce the disease back into the soil. Instead, burn them or bag them up and throw them out with the yard waste. Be sure to clear out infected plants as soon as possible to prevent the spread of disease or the introduction of pests.

Don’t Forget the Home!

While you’re in that winter mindset, don’t forget to make sure your home is prepared to handle the cold. Consider having your HVAC system cleaned to make sure it keeps working smoothly all winter long, and make sure your pipes and exterior walls are properly insulated to prevent freezing or cold temperatures in the house.

At Lone Star Pro Services, we’re happy to help you get your home winter-ready. If you need your HVAC system serviced or any other home maintenance tasks, just give us a call at (832) 990-9499 for a free estimate.

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