Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests


Amazingly, the holiday season is already upon us! This is the time of year that many people travel to see family and loved ones. However, there are quite a number of people who decide to stay home, and in fact are on the receiving end of these travelers. Are you planning on having guests? Here are some holiday cleaning tips to prepare your home for holiday guests!

Bathroom Maintenance

Your guests will likely frequent this area, especially if they’ve flown in to stay a few nights with you. Make sure your bathroom is ready for all of their needs; wash bathroom towels with baking soda in the washing machine to eliminate mildew and provide a fresh smell.

Don’t just wipe down the counter, either; make the effort to really scrub down bathroom surfaces with a scrubbing brush. In addition, make sure your bathtub/shower and toilet are thoroughly cleaned, too. Do you have a shower curtain liner? Most people just buy a new one once it shows signs of mildew, but you can actually get rid of those stains by putting it in the washing machine; just add baking soda or bleach, and you’re all set.

Prepping the Kitchen

Chances are, if you’re hosting the holiday get-together, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. When it comes to this section of the home, make sure you clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Throw out any old or expired food and thoroughly deep clean the area; with the refrigerator, take out the shelving and wipe down the surfaces with soap and water. In the pantry, dust and sweep away and particles from spices or other foods that may have collected around boxes and cans.

Baking soda and water are a great solution for scrubbing off stubborn, baked-on messes on your stovetop and oven. It will also give them a fresh smell while getting them ready for a large amount of holiday cooking.

Make sure you don’t forget your sink, too! Your garbage disposal is likely to go through a lot with all of the food and cooking happening this time of year, so make sure you freshen it up by dropping lemon slices and ice into it; this will help sharpen the blades as well as give it a nice smell.

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