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If your heater is exhibiting signs it needs repair, turn to Lone Star Pro Services for reliable heater repairs in Houston.

Heating Repair Services in Houston

Experienced Technicians Fixing All Your Heater Problems

Is your heater having problems? While winters are short in Houston, they can still be quite frigid, making a working heater a must when the temperatures drop. No matter the make or model of your heating system, or the issue you have, Lone Star Pro Services can help. We provide expert heating repair services across Houston and neighboring areas. Our friendly technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and will respond quickly to calls. We understand that life can make you busy, which is why we will work around your schedule. Scheduling an appointment is simple and you can rest assured that we will show up on time and in a fully stocked truck with all the tools and equipment necessary for a quick, hassle-free fix.

Schedule a free estimate for heating repair services by dialing (832) 990-9499 or completing our brief online contact form. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.

Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

No matter the quality of your heater, eventually there’s going to come a time when it stops working as well as it used to. While this may not be a problem for you most of the year, since Houston is usually so hot, those winter months can get unexpectedly chilly. Most homeowners don’t even realize there is a problem until freezing temperatures arrive and they notice their furnace is acting funny. Sometimes heating systems need to run for some time due to being inactive for most of the year, but if you notice lingering issues, it’d be wise to give our professionals a call.

Call a heater repair expert if you notice the following:

  • Decreased airflow: If the air your heater is pushing out is weak, you won’t be able to heat your home evenly or efficiently. The causes could range from a dirty filter to leaky ductwork or a clogged blower fan.
  • An irresponsive thermostat: The thermostat helps you to program your heater but if it is acting faulty, or not working entirely, this could render your heater useless. The solution could be a simple battery replacement or something more extensive.
  • Flickering pilot light: A pilot light flickering or blowing out could be the result of a clog or dirty internal parts. Internal cleaning of your heating components could solve the issue.
  • Short cycling—your heating kicks on and off suddenly: This frustrating problem can make it so that your home doesn’t thoroughly heat up and can expend a lot of energy. The reason for this can be dirty parts such as the filter, burner, or flame sensor. It could also be a failing ignitor that needs replacing.
  • Odd smells or sounds when the heater is on: While it is common that your furnace will smell funny when turning it on after a long inactive period, if the smell persists or if you hear noises, you need a professional to take a look and figure out what exactly is the cause.
  • Water leaking from your HVAC system: Water leaking from your heater could be the result of a damaged heat exchanger or a break or clog in the humidifier.
  • Excessively long heater runtime: If you notice that your heating system is running constantly, the furnace blower may be clogged or needs to be lubricated.
  • Abnormally high heating bills: While it’s normal to see an uptick in your energy bill when using the heater, if it’s alarmingly high and it’s not due to overuse, there may be a leak in the ductwork or damaged insulation that needs to be addressed.

Call for Reliable Heater Repairs in Houston Today

If you are dealing with a faulty or inefficient heater, look no further than Lone Star Pro Services for quality repairs to get your home at the comfort level you need it to be during the winter months. Our talented IICRC-certified professionals have the skills and knowledge to handle even the most complicated heating system issues with precision and efficiency. Our goal is to provide you with the best heater repair services combined with courteous customer care, so you feel warmth both in your home and in your heart.

Get in touch with us today by calling (832) 990-9499 or contacting us online. One of our Houston heating repair experts will respond to you quickly to set up a free estimate.

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