Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Carpet Cleaning

For many of those out there with carpets, the method of cleaning your carpet can be a heated point of debate. There are some that make the argument that dry carpet cleaning is better, but many professional still stand by the fact that steam cleaning is the best way to get your carpet looking new for longer. In the following article, we will discuss why steam cleaning is a more effective method of maintaining your carpets.

Myths of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses a hot water extraction system that not only ensures that dirt and debris is moved from your carpet but that also the cleaning residue used in the literal cleaning itself is removed. Steam cleaning is also a great way to pre-treat the carpet in order to loosen dirt and debris. By using a high-pressure wand that forces hot water into the carpet and the immediate suction of this water, is an effective way to keep your carpet clean.

Some of the most powerful equipment on the market are truck mounted extraction systems. This method is great for removing allergens, bacteria, dust, harmful tobacco residue, fungus, and dirt that may be housed in your carpet. It is also important to note that steam cleaning does not promote mold or mildew growth, carpet shrinkage or warping, or other damage. These claims are unfounded and are the best method of maintaining your carpet.

Best Method to Clean Your Carpet

The choice is ultimately up to you but we encourage you to contact your local carpet cleaners to ensure that you’re making the right decision in terms of cleaning your carpet. We at Lone Star services in Houston, TX, would love the chance to inform you more about different carpet cleaning methods. Give us a call or send us an email, or even visit our website for more information.